What is Great Service?

It’s human nature to point out, in a public forum, an example of a bad product or bad service.  I am guilty of it here myself.

Rarely do we point out an example of great service.  This blog is hosted by Typepad which is part of Six Apart.  Over the past few weeks Typepad has shown some signs of overwork with the ability to post to the weblog either slow or down all together with other times the weblog itself being slow to come up. 

Typepad recently posted an apology and reasons why this was happening AND a description of what Typepad was doing to resolve the problems.   This is, in my opinion, a example of great service.  Communication with customers or the lack there of is a great way to lose them.

I have only been with Typepad since the beginning of the year but the overall experience has been exceptional.  They are always sending updates via email letting users know what is happening in the company and how they are continually improving their products.  We all have multiple choices to the companies we buy from everyday and those companies that treat me like they want me as a customer will get MY business.

UPDATE: Barak over at Typepad posted another update on their problem resolution.  Just another example of their great service.


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