Windows Live Domains

I recently moved my email domain for to the new Microsoft Windows Live Domains.  Microsoft will host your email for you on their servers, the ones used by Hotmail.

You get 40 email accounts and full management of them via an administration screen.  Overall it was a very easy task.  The Windows Live site lists the following features:

  • Create up to 40 e-mail accounts within your domain
  • Get a 250 MB inbox for each account*
  • Check your e-mail from any Web-enabled PC
  • Junk e-mail filter protection using Microsoft SmartScreen technology
  • Virus scanning and cleaning of e-mail
  • Seamless access with MSN Messenger, MSN Spaces, etc.
  • It sounded pretty good so I figured I would give it a try.  I had to goto my domain hosting company and change my DNS MX recrord to point to Microsoft Live per their instructions, verified the DNS from Windows Live and I was done.  Below you can see the management screen:


    After the easy verification and testing it all just work.  I can send email to my domain and it is all free.

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