I want an Apple MacBook Pro

I watched the Steve Jobs MacWorld keynote on Tuesday from MacWorld after learning several month ago that Apple was moving from PowerPC processors to new Intel dual core processors.

This is great news for a couple reasons, the Macs are going to be a lot faster and the possibility exists to run Windows on it.  I have been a closet Mac fan for a while and read developer blogs where developers rave over writing software on the Mac.  They sound so cool. I am only human, I want to be cool too.

If you check out the specs on the new MacBook Pro from the Apple web site you can see the how Apple is a true engineering company with the end user in mind.  I own an iPod Mini that I use to listen to books from Audible.com and I love it.  It has a nice simple interface and it just works.  Looking at the new MacBook Pro you can see the same level of design was put into it.  I am starting to see why Apple customers are so loyal.

I write software based on the Microsoft .NET platform by day but am working on learning Ruby on the side.  I would also have the opportunity to learn some other Apple development tools.  It was be a wonderful thing if I had a new dual core MacBook Pro with a couple gigs of RAM, 100 gig 7200 RPM SATA hard disk configured to dual boot OS X and Windows.  This could be the ultimate development system.

I would also get all those bells and whistles a Apple laptop is famous for as well as all the new goodies in there as well.   How can I order one of these and make it seem like I really "need" it?

A cheaper option would be to buy a MacMini for $500 and get started that way, but no Intel chips and therefore no dual boot.  Decisions, decisions.

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