New podcast, HanselMinutes

I subscribe to many podcasts in my iTunes client, subscribing to one here and there and dropping just as many. I have yet to find many that stick because many don’t get it, I don’t want to hear idle chit-chat.

A new podcast by Scott Hanselman called HanselMinutes has just released it’s fifth show and all have been excellent. I have been a follower of Scott’s blog for a year or so now and all of his posts are well thought out and informational, so I figured his podcast would be the same. I was not wrong.

Topics include the Mono Project, Continuous Integration, blogging, Ubuntu, ASP.NET as well as other tidbits of knowledge. Scott style is solid, no fluff like so many other podcasts out there. The shows are co-hosted by Carl Franklin who is a seaoned podcaster. All of the shows are a good length running 30-40 minutes.

Other software development podcasts I find useful and interesting are:

Another podcast I recently was turned onto is Security Now!, a show focusing on security issues on the Internet by security expert Steve Gibson and Leo Laporte.

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