Instant Rails Tutorial

I found this great tutorial on getting started with Instant Rails. I used this tutorial to get started. It is a great summary of all the parts and pieces tossed into Instant Rails, what they are and how to know your way around them. I highly recommend this as a great place to start.

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9 responses to “Instant Rails Tutorial

  1. Isn’t this like easyphp? looks the same for me (except for the colors)

  2. Yes, from what I understand Instant Rails is based on easyPHP. I guess one good idea works from another. It certainly holds some promise for a quick learning tool for Ruby and Ruby on Rails. You won’t want to deploy with it but it is good for development and testing.

  3. I used’s software it runs ok and without problems. But I think easyphp and instant rails are lighter then

  4. I haven’t seen the Apachefriends software. Is this just PHP or is there a Ruby/Rails implementation? Are you running on Windows or something else?

  5. AF is PHP+Apache2,Mysql+python (I think) and a lot of things. I run it on Linux as it has some more options as backup πŸ˜‰

  6. Are you working in Rails? I like to find others doing commercial code in Rails and hearing about the different platforms and configurations they are using.

    I am trying Rails on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux to see the different flavors. I have been using MySQL for the most part but PostgreSQL looks promising.

  7. Actually, I’m just a weblogger, not a developer 😦 I have no idea about Rails πŸ˜•

  8. wheres the tutorial : ruby on the rails – i was lookin for a tutorial for writing apps..



  9. Sorry for the reall late reply. The tutorial I mentioned was for getting started with Instant Rails, which an easy way to write Rails apps on Windows. If you want a Ruby on Rails tutorial I would go to the Ruby on Rails web site @

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