New discovery – ObjectView Magazine

I don’t know if I am late to the party or not but I just discovered an online magazine called ObjectView.  The magazine is distributed as PDF files and is targeted toward hard core developers.

The magazine appears to take a neutral stance on platforms and languages with recent issues talking about Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Java, .NET and AJAX.  There is ample focus on programming issues such as Agile Development, writing specs, unit testing, extreme programming and refactoring amongst other topics.

ObjectView attracts some well-known writers as well such as Scott Ambler, Amy Hoy and Richard Vaughn. 

I am not affiliated with the magazine, just happy to find this gem.

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2 responses to “New discovery – ObjectView Magazine

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    And starts to take over the planets?
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  2. Umm…how about checking out the web site It might give you a good start.

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