CNN Reports, Software Engineer is BEST Job in America

OK, well the title says it all.  CNN has a story from showing the results of a survey showing Software Engineers have the best jobs in America.

I don’t know how scientific this survey is but I think the stress level for most high-paying Software Engineering jobs is quite high.  My vote for the best job would be for the #2 College Professor.  Money reports the stress level is the same as the Software Engineer but I don’t see how.  I know quite a few college professors and most seem laid back and not stressed.  On the flip side I know many Software Engineers and they all seem a little too up-tight, myself included.




2 responses to “CNN Reports, Software Engineer is BEST Job in America

  1. Rob,

    I kicked this one around a little today as well. Was a little surprising to see Software Engineering come in at #1 given the recent feuding over H-1B’s and outsourcing. I had similar thoughts to yours with respect to college profs: all the professors I know are definitely a lot less stressed. On the other hand, I think if you’re just starting out in academia and trying to secure tenure, things can be very challenging. Perhaps that’s why the geeks got the nod in the survey.



  2. I agree. I think the barrier to entry is tougher as a Professor, as it should be. I just found the results a bit skewed. I am a Software Engineer with 20 years experience and know the stresses daily and wonder if there is a better way to earn a living.


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