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I spend a fair amount of time in my day.  I work in an organzation that has many office workers and warehouse as well.  In fact, my office is next to the warehouse and you can probably guess that it is not as quiet as it could be.  It's difficult to concentrate sometimes with all of this "white noise" around me. 

I therefore turn to podcasts to get rid of the useless noise and add some good content to my day.  I find listening to podcasts gives me better concentration and I can also learn a thing or two.

Anyway, I wanted to put a list together of the podcasts I listen to on a frequent basis.  I also watch some shows as well.  I know these aren't really categorized as podcasts but they cover the same topics.

  • The MicroISV Show – not really directly software development related but a show about software developers making it out on their own.
  • .NET Rocks – the first show I started listening to put on by Carl Franklin.  As of this writing they were up to show #173.  They include all types of guests including Don Box, Chris Sells, Scott Hanselman, Ted Neward and others.  This one is probably my favorite.
  • ARCast with Ron Jacobs – Ron is from Microsoft and has talks manly about software architecture and best practices.  He has had some great guests on there including Martin Fowler, Jeffrey Richter and Ivar Jacobson.
  • Audible Ajax – You probably guessed it.  This podcast is all about Ajax, those using it and different companies supporting it.
  • Hanselminutes – a podcast put on by Scott Hanselman where Scott talks about being a more efficient and well-informed developer.  Topics include code generation, debugging and testing.
  • Polymorphic Podcast – hosted by Craig Shoemaker.  This is also one of my favorites as Craig's style and voice is very soothing to a stressed developer.  Topics include Ajax, ADO.NET, disassembling DLL's among others.
  • ASP.NET Podcast – produced by Wally McClure.  I am up and down on this podcast.  It has great topics and Wally interviews some interesting people but Wally tends to talk too much about his personal life and not about technology.  There is good stuff in here but they podcasts can be cut in half with the useful content.
  • Ruby on Rails Podcast – focuses on developers who use Ruby and Ruby on Rails in particular to create applications.  I am not aware of another Ruby on Rails podcast as of yet.
  • The Web 2.0 Show – talks about how people are creating companies using Web 2.0 technology and being successful at it.
  • DNR TV – a video version of Carl Franklins .NET Rocks Show. This one shows a video of a developer giving detailed lessons on various topics.

I don't spend my days listening to these shows but listen when I can.  I have found something useful in all of them.

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2 responses to “Software Development Podcast List

  1. Check out Software Engineering Radio podcasts

  2. Steve,

    Yes, I do listen to SE Radio now. Thank you for the comment. I think SE Radio is one of the best out there but I didn’t discover it until after I made the list. I guess I need to post an updated list at some point.

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