Staying Organized with MasterList Professional

I manage a small team of developers on what seems to be a never-ending project.  The project seems never end because of the shear size of it and the number of developers dedicated to it.

We do not have a dedication Project Manager who does nothing but manage all day.  I am the closest one to being a Project Manager.  I have kept my sanity using a piece of software from Safari Software called MasterList Professional.  Master List Professional is not a full-blown project management solution but more of a task list manager.  I could be using Microsoft Project but I think I would rather stick a pin in my eye than have to use that useless piece of software.  Sure, people use it but when I have tried to use it in the past I spent more time managing MS Project than I did actually managing my role on the project.


MasterList has proved to be invaluable.  The software fits my style like a glove, letting me:

  • Create Projects
  • Create Task Lists
  • Create Appointments/Meetings 
  • Create Check Lists

All while letting me set priorities on everything.  It makes getting organized very easy and easy stay that way.  I have had problems in the past with not getting organized with software but staying that way.

I am NOT affiliated with Safari Software but thought there maybe some developers out there trying to keep things straight and having a hard time of it.

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