Red-Gate Software Releases SQL Prompt

Red-Gate Software recently acquired a product called SQL Prompt. SQL Prompt gives the SQL developer intellisense in SQL Query Analyzer and SQL Management Studio, which all Visual Studio developers are spoiled with.

I have been using the version from the previous developer for some time now and really got used to using it. It gives nice intellisense menus every where Microsoft did not. It baffles me why Microsoft has done such a great job with Visual Studio Intellisense but left it out in MS SQL Server 2005.

Red Gate just announced the first release of SQL Prompt is available since they acquired it and they are making it FREE. Yes, free until September 1, 2006. It's a full version and will not cease to run after September 1.

Since I started using SQL Prompt several months ago, I have really gotten used to using it and it is so much like Intellisense in Visual Studio. I am hoping Red-Gate continues to improve this product as it really fills a gap in being an efficient SQL developer.

I am a big fan of Red-Gate Software, since relying on their SQL Data Compare and SQL  Compare products.   

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