Business of Software by Eric Sink

I have had some down time lately and got the chance to put in some solid time to read a book.  I am always reading, mostly technical books, but never really one I read cover to cover.  So, I decided to read “The Business of Software” by Eric Sink.  I work for a company who writes software used for themselves internally and externally for clients.  Yes, all software is pretty much for clients.

Eric’s book is primarily a collection of blog posts from the authors web log over the years while building his company, SourceGear.  The book is broken down into 4 sections with various subtopics under each. 

  • Part One – Entrepreneurship
  • Part Two – People
  • Part Three – Marketing
  • Part Four – Sales

Much of the book talks about how SourceGear was built and the decisions that went into many aspects of his company and how these decisions may or may not have been different if given the chace.  Eric starts each chapter with a little insite into each blog post, what it means or other introduction.

I think the book was worth the read and does give some good insite.  I have read many of the posts on Eric’s blog but some where his earlier work and I welcomed the chance to read those.  Overall I liked the book but there were some thinks repeated from one chapter to another that felt out of place and may be a result of cutting and pasting.  I would recommend this book.

A book with a very similiar format is Joel on Software by Joel Spolsky of Fogcreek Software, also worth a read.

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