.NET Tools Updates.

I have pointed out in the past various tools I use for .NET development as they are upgraded and such. Instead of individual posts about each tool and filling up everyone’s feed reader unnecessarily, I figured I would just group the new releases all together.  Everyone is releasing upgrades all at once, it takes some effort to keep up-to-date.

CodeRush 2.0 – this is a major update to a great tool from Developer Express.  Coderush adds many nice single key command to insert code for you and cut down on coding time.

GhostDoc 1.9.5 – a great tool for commenting methods in my C# code has been released with a few bug fixes. This tool allows easy customization and is a Visual Studio add-in that just works and takes little memory.

Sourcegear Vault 3.5 – a nice replacement for Microsoft’s SourceSafe.  The tool has a nice integration with Visual Studio and a SQL backend.  The new version has some great new features.

Red Gate Software SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare 5.2 – these tools save my life.  We don’t have much in the way of automated SQL table and store procedure deployment and these tools do the trick for a quick way to get table changes out.

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