Subversion Bridge Coming…

I caught a post from Harry Pierson about SVNBridge, a bridge for using Subversion clients as a client for Team Foundation Server.    The original post came from Brad Wilson who does some nice work with Codeplex.

I use Team Explorer on a daily basis from Visual Studio as my client to Team Foundation Server.  Until recently SVNBridge would not have interested me very much but I have switched over to Subversion for consulting projects and some products I am working on.  I still use Visual Studio but use VisualSVN, which is a nice client for Subversion that is an add-in to Visual Studio.

What makes this compelling?  There are many more projects running under Subversion today and many small companies using it but there are large companies set on Team Foundation Server, now with SVNBridge you can run a client like VisualSVN or TortoiseSVN and have access to your Subversion repositories AND any Team Foundation Server repositories you may work with.  This gives you one client and access to two types of repositories.

I think Microsoft has realized Subversion is real and they need to have some support for it.  This is good new indeed.

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