Dogpile Web Search

I was checking the logs on my server the past couple of weeks and notice and interesting referrer, Dogpile.  I had never heard of this site and thought maybe my blog was so bad that I was exiled to some land of crappy weblogs.


I decided to check them out and was happily surprised by what I found, Dogpile is a site that brings together into one place a search site that uses Google, Yahoo, Windows Live and Ask to give me results.  The site is nicely done and when something is searched for the results list where they came from, not just plain results.  You can see my results for Ruby on Rails below  (click for larger image):


I normally use Google for searches as it returns the most relevant results but I also use the other services used by Dogpile.  It is nice to have it all in one place.   Others out there may have heard of this service or one like it but is new to me.

A search site of a different kind is Koders.  This is another great site if you want to search for programming related information and Koders will return source code and nice techie stuff.

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