FiveRuns™ + RM-Install = Rails on Linux

One of the reasons I went with VMWare Workstation 6.0 was their support of Linux distributions.  I am a Windows XP user and developer and spend my day using it.  I used Microsoft Virtual PC for working with other operating systems other than Windows XP, but VPC never has done a great job hosting Linux. 

My goal is to become proficient with Linux (Ubuntu) and Ruby on Rails development on that platform.   VMWare Workstation does such an outstanding job of running Linux.

I don’t want to go off on a VMWare tangent, I want to talk about a company named Fiveruns.  Fiveruns is a company who has dedicated themselves to enterprise management for Rails.   This is all they do and they seem to be very good at it.

One of their products is called RM-Install.  RM-Install is a free download that will allow a less than savvy Linux user (me) to get a full Rails stack up and running in no time.  RM-Install actually will install the stack on Linux as well as Mac OSX and a Windows version is coming.

You have to register for a download and you get a single file which is executed and installs and configures the following:

  • Ruby 1.8.6
  • Rails 1.2.3
  • MySQL 5.0
  • SQLite 3.3
  • Subversion 1.4
  • Apache HTTP Server 2.2 (Production mode)
  • OpenSSL
  • ImageMagick 6.3
  • Mongrel/Mongrel Cluster
  • Capistrano
  • Gruff
  • Rake
  • RMagick

It takes only a few minutes to install and when done you are ready to go, no more to do but open a terminal window and create your Rails application.  The installation has a couple options, one for a development platform (no Apache) and a production mode (with Apache).

After I finished the install I created a Rails app, started Mongrel and browsed to http://localhost:3000 and I got the default Rails application page.  No, not magic but it demonstrates how easy it is use RM-Install to get up and running FAST.

The Fiveruns web site is done very well (using Rails) and has some good information about RM-Install and their other products. 

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5 responses to “FiveRuns™ + RM-Install = Rails on Linux

  1. Rob, thank you for your great comments on FiveRuns and RM-Install. Our goal with RM-Install was to make it easier for people to get up and running with Ruby on Rails. Glad to see that that we achieved that goal for you.

  2. Keep up the great work Rachel. I was really amazed how easy it worked and worked the first time. I am looking forward to more from you guys.

  3. Rob

    Thanks for the very helpful blog post. It is much appreciated.

    I am trying to install RMInstall but I am not getting any joy. I do the following:
    chmod +x rminstall-1.1-0-linux-installer.bin
    sh ./rminstall-1.1-0-linux-installer.bin
    It then gives me the error: cannot execute binary file.
    Have you used rminstall 1.1 on Ubuntu? I am not sure what I am doing wrong.


  4. Rob, I got it right! The guys from FiveRuns have been excellent in helping me. Because I have a 64 bit server I had to do the following as well:

    apt-get install ia32-lib.

    This did the trick.

  5. @Willem – Great! I was at a loss as to what needed to be done since I don’t have anything setup on 64bit. I will put this nugget of information away for later.

    Thank you.

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