Resources for Writing Facebook Applications with .NET

If  you doing any reading on the web you will have heard about Facebook, you may even have a Facebook account.  I have one which I created a few months ago trying to see what the hype is all about.  Honestly, I don’t see it but I am trying to understand it and find some value in it.  Maybe I am the wrong demographic (40 year old male) and I am starting to not understand the new-fangled Internet gadgets, but I sure hope not.

I do understand Facebook is popular and tons of people use it, so I don’t actually have to get-it to be part of it and take advantage of the opportunity. 

I have a few ideas for Facebook applications I think would be useful to users on Facebook so I started searching around the Internet for some information on what’s available to .NET developers who wish to create Facebook applications.  The Facebook development platform is relatively new and most developers are not using .NET to create them, but there are some resources I found valuable in my search.

I am will document my journey with these tools and how creating my first Facebook application goes.  If anyone has other resources like this please add them to the comments and I will update my resource list for later publishing.


4 responses to “Resources for Writing Facebook Applications with .NET

  1. Thanks for the link to AjaxNinja. I’m glad you enjoyed some of my articles on Facebook application development and I assure you that there will be more coming soon. I actually just published a small one about a second ago.

  2. Your welcome and thanks for posting about your experiences with Facebook development from a .NET perspective. There doesn’t seem to be a ton of information out there on .NET and Facebook development together, maybe with the Microsoft investment in Facebook we will see a more solid effort from them on the subject.

  3. Great and unique article. Thanks for this.
    It helped me a lot in writing an article Writing Facebook Applications in .NET
    Writing Facebook Applications in .NET With Facebook.NET

  4. Great! I am glad to be able to help in some way.

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