Succumbing to temptation – Buying an iPhone



I have resisted the temptation and the constant Apple marketing long enough, I now own an iPhone. 

I have been thinking about moving over to a smart phone and have been waiting for Verizon Wireless to come out with the new Windows Mobile 6 phones but they have been  to be taking too long.

I was able to try out the iPhone at a client site where one of the other consultants had an iPhone.  The experience is truly incredible with the use of gestures to operate the user interface.

The announcement of the iPhone SDK was another compelling reason to get the iPhone.   The release of this will start the development of really great applications by third parties as is always the case with Apple developers…they create really great software.

One last reason for choosing the iPhone over a Blackberry or Windows Mobile device…Tim O’Reilly.   Tim posted how the iPhone will beat the Blackberry on his blog and Tim usually has his finger on the pulse of technology, so what the heck.

One downside to the iPhone is it’s lack of voice-activated calling.  I am used to this with my current phone, the Motorola Razr.  I hope Apple provides this update soon.

I did have some problem connecting my iPhone to my Windows Vista PC through iTunes.  The fix was annoying but it now works, I will detail the fix in another post

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5 responses to “Succumbing to temptation – Buying an iPhone

  1. Awesome! I can’t wait to get mine, which I hope will arrive by next week.

  2. I am sure you will love it. You are in Singapore, didn’t know they were out there yet. This thing really rocks, by far the best phone and user experience I have seen yet.

  3. Congrats on the new iphone, it’s really a marvel. I’m about a month and a half in and would never go back.

    Now it’s time to convince you to move to a mac as well 😉

  4. Hey Aaron. I am liking it so far, my only complaint is the size. It is much bigger than my Razr and will take some getting used to.

    As far as a Mac goes…I have a MacBook Pro that is only a month or so old. I do have my Dell Latitude D820 for my money making machine writing .NET apps. Once I figure out how to make money writing Rails apps then I will put the Mac to better use.

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