IronRuby will be Running in the Browser in next Silverlight CTP

John Lam recently demonstrated some great advancements the IronRuby team made by showing IronRuby on Silverlight at the recent RubyConf.

This is important as being the first demo of code-first Silverlight but it also lets us look forward to running Ruby in the browser.  John make this claim himself and it is exciting news:

Unfortunately, you can’t run these bits yet. We’re using a private build of Silverlight to run this stuff today. But once we (DLR) sync up with the next CTP of Silverlight, you’ll be able to run IronRuby in your browser. Fun times.

You can catch more information on John’s blog and see the code yourself.  I look forward to getting these bits and seeing how the hard work has paid off.

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