ASP.NET MVC Framework – Demo App by Scott Guthrie vs. MonoRail and ASPView

The talk in the blogs about the Microsoft ASP.NET MVC is gaining momentum and some interesting chatter is coming to the surface.

I posted my thoughts about the framework recently and came across a post by Scott Watermasysk as well, with his views in line with mine.  I found an interesting post today from Ken Egozi, who writes a view engine for MonoRail.  Ken plans on duplicating the effort put forth by Scott Guthrie who is creating a sample application using ASP.NET MVC Framework, but Ken will be using MonoRail and ASPView.

Ken has some great points about the adoption of the ASP.NET MVC Framework requiring .NET 3.5, where so many web hosts and companies support version 2.0 of the runtime and will they be willing to upgrade.   Ken’s solution can be run on .NET 2.0 today.

I am looking forward to comparing the results.   The types of challenges are what makes competition good for all developers and can only help make MonoRail/ASPView and the ASP.NET MVC Framework better for it.

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