The Rails Way has Come My Way


Yes, my copy of The Rails Way by Obie Fernandez arrived today via Fed Ex.  My copy arrived by way of Obie as I was quoted in the back of the book describing what the Rails way means to me. 

I just received the book so I can say much about it, other than after browsing through it.  It does look like a great book and it covers Rails 2.0, the upcoming release.   This is the first book I have seen covering Rails 2.o and looks to cover the more complex parts of Rails.

The forward is written by David H. Hanson and from the back cover:

  • Increase your productivity as a web developer
  • Realize the overall joy of programming with Ruby on Rails
  • Learn what’s new in Rails 2.0
  • Drive design and protect long-term maintainability with TestUnit and RSpec
  • Understand and manage complex program flow in Rails controllers
  • Leverage Rails’ support for designing REST-compliant APIs
  • Master sophisticated Rails routing concepts and techniques
  • Examine and troubleshoot Rails routing
  • Make the most of ActiveRecord object-relational mapping
  • Utilize Ajax within your Rails applications
  • Incorporate logins and authentication into your application
  • Extend Rails with the best third-party plug-ins and write your own
  • Integrate email services into your applications with ActionMailer
  • Choose the right Rails production configurations
  • Streamline deployment with Capistrano

Thanks Obie!  I am looking forward to digging in on this one.


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