Microsoft Releases First CTP of their MVC Framework

The moment has finally arrived, Microsoft released their first CTP of the MVC Framework.  I am very anxious to get some time to start working with the bits they are releasing today.

I plan to get heavily into this framework and will post some tidbits of how it works, but in the meantime here are links to some interesting content from some people who know about the MVC Framework.

Scott Guthrie has a couple nice posts on using the framework from the past couple weeks:

Rob Conery, who joined Microsoft recently, also posted about his work on the MVC team:

Jeffery Palermo has been active working on the framework:

Rick Strahl provides some insight about his take on the MVC Framework:

Phil Haack was also recently hired by Microsoft and post some interesting MVC related items:

Microsoft has started an open source project on CodePlex for those wanting to contribute to the ASP.NET MVC Framework, called MVC Contrib.  Also, to get everyone started are some Quickstarts.

UPDATE: Thanks to Jeffrey Palermo for setting me straight, the MVC Contrib project was started by Jeffrey and Eric Hexter.  It is a project independent of Microsoft.


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2 responses to “Microsoft Releases First CTP of their MVC Framework

  1. Thanks for the link.

    Regarding MvcContrib, Microsoft did not start the project, nor is Microsoft running the project. Eric Hexter and myself started the project, and it is going to be run by the community and for the community. I’d encourage anyone reading to come to and check it out.

  2. Sorry about the misinformation. I thought I had read it correctly, I have updated it in my post.


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