Enterprise Software’s Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

I found the dialog around why Enterprise Software isn’t sexy from Robert Scoble and the rebuttal from Nick Bradbury as to why it should be a bit interesting and maybe worth tossing my point of view in the ring.

I tend to agree with Robert, that Enterprise Software isn’t sexy in the sense that it does not have all the bells and whistles of the newest Web 2.0 mashup.  The real reason is looking at the number of eyes on software targeted toward the general consumer, like Flicker and look at the SAP audience.  Clearly, two different audiences.

Nick suggests Enterprise Software should be sexy and I agree that is a goal to pursue.  Isn’t the fact stating that software isn’t attractive really lie in the eye of the beholder?  I agree that it should be a goal to create visually pleasing and gloriously functional software as we can.  This is our obligation as developers, as designers.  Of course our goals are not always met except in the eyes of the creator.  Isn’t it really just a subjective opinion and the fact there are more people looking at and writing about consumer software gives it the momentum?

I think just because we don’t necessarily blog about Enterprise Software doesn’t mean it isn’t sexy.   We are comparing apples to oranges and stating one is sexy doesn’t mean the other isn’t just because one gets talked about so much more.

I write some Enterprise Software for large client of mine who is a drug company and we are creating some pretty phenomenal software.  It is, in my opinion, sexy software that could revolutionize drug manufacturing but most will never see it.  It is still sexy, regardless if it doesn’t get widely talked about.


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