Instant Rails 2.0 Released on RubyForge

I have been working hard on getting the latest and greatest components of Instant Rails 2.0 put together into a  coherent release to RubyForge.  It has been a bit more time consuming bringing it all together, learning the components of the project, learning more about Subversion than I knew already as well as how the whole process of working with RubyForge really happens. 

Being part of the open source community feels good and it feels good giving back to something I am passionate about.

It was very smooth for the most part, but trying not to mess up what already worked is what I am hoping for, so since this is my first work on an open source project from a commiter’s role, please be kind.  If there issues please submit them to the Instant Rails list or as a comment on this blog post.

Instant Rails 2.0 includes:
  • Ruby 1.8.6 Patch Level 111 with tons of bug fixes and new updated gems
  • Ruby on Rails 2.0.2
  • RubyGems 1.0.1
  • Rake 0.8.0
  • Mongrel 1.1.2
  • SQLite3

SQLite3 is included in this release since Rails 2.0.2 uses it by default.  Users should notice the Cookbook example uses the latest Rails 2.0.2 changes and has been updated to use SQLite3.

Instant Rails 2.0 can be downloaded from RubyForge now, please take a look at the Release Notes to see all the updates.

I will have some additional updates to the project over the next weeks.  I plan to post want I am going to update and hopefully I will receive the kind of feedback my readers have been providing.  Thank you all!


4 responses to “Instant Rails 2.0 Released on RubyForge

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  2. Alas – phpmyadmin as supplied with instant rails 2 still defaults to MySql…

  3. I use instant rails for a course I teach – a survey in web programming that covers some client and some server side programming, including php and ruby. It would be really nice to see php5 bundled with instant rails for my own selfish interests. I am trying to avoid having students need to download and install multiple platforms to support course work.

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