The State of IronRuby with John Lam posted on InfoQ

I have been working for the past few weeks on an interview with John Lam, Program Manager on the Dynamic Language Runtime Team and the leader of the IronRuby project.  The interview is complete is is now up on InfoQ for all to read.

I think the interview gives some good insight to where the team is today with the implementation and where they need to be once they release IronRuby 1.0.  John was gracious in responding to my questions, even though he is extremely busy with this project.

It is an exciting time for Ruby developers whether you are on Linux, Mac or Windows and whether your company is committed to running applications on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) or you are a Microsoft shop committed to .NET.  Very soon you will be able to take a Ruby application and run it anywhere.

There are some announcements coming from MIX08 in March from Microsoft we will not want to miss which will shed some more light on where IronRuby is in relation to the DLR and Silverlight.

I have some announcements coming of my own which I consider exciting as well but a bit too early to talk about.


3 responses to “The State of IronRuby with John Lam posted on InfoQ

  1. yep,

    MS should make some interesting announcements in Mix 2008.

    here is a fresh link i visited, that shouts against slow progress on IronRuby and DLR, but it sounds very true.

    Its high time for MS to show the Progress.


  2. @Pranks Yes, there will be some good announcements and progress updates at MIX08.

    The issue with IronRuby, it’s not a mainstream language for MS. I doubt it ever will be, so the resources dedicated to it are limited.

  3. Hi Rob,

    Let me come out clear. MSFT has declared IronRuby and IronPython as First Class Citizens of .Net.

    Why would they hire Jim and John for DLR.

    ScottGu, himself has quoted IronRuby as First Class Citizen. in his IronRuby Blog.

    If they can declare F# as a Mainstream language, well they can consider Dynamic languages as well.


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