Merb is looking great heading to version 1.0

merb_header_logo Merb development is coming along at a really fast pace and the team has really thought out the architecture implemented in Merb 1.0.  I am personally excited to see these updates coming.  The new Merb-core gem is small and fast, allowing developers to create small applications without a large overhead, much like Camping, but with a richer, more complete framework.

My latest article is up on InfoQ talking about the latest Merb developments with Ezra Zygmuntowicz, Merb creator and founder of the Engine Yard.

As you read through the interview, understand an important point by Ezra:

Merb is a web application framework with many similarities to Rails.  The main difference is a focus on understandable, non-magic, fast code.

I think this is important for Merb as well as future Ruby frameworks, Ruby on Rails is the current killer application for Ruby.  Rails is the pioneer in Ruby web frameworks but it is not without faults.  Any pioneer knows there will be followers who imitate and duplicate their efforts to leverage their strengths and improve on their weaknesses.  In my opinion, Merb is a perfect example.  The Merb team decided what they did not like in Rails and created their own framework and avoided those problems, a perfect example of evolution in action.

I think we will see many Ruby frameworks looking to improve on Rails, improve on Merb and create better and better technology.  This is certainly exciting times in Ruby web development.


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