My thoughts on Microsoft buying Yahoo

I have heard over the past year or so rumors about Microsoft buying Yahoo and it never seemed to materialize. You know how rumors get started, it is a good story against the monster Google.

Strictly from a shareholder’s point of view this is good news. It’s good news if you are a Yahoo shareholder because you just gained about $9/sare over its recent close. If you are a Microsoft shareholder you stand to gain in the long term with the added value of Yahoo to the Microsoft portfolio. I am a Microsoft shareholder and have been for a while, the announcement gave me an opportunity to pick up some more Microsoft with it being down $2/share on the announcement.

The more important aspect of this potential merger is what it means for customers of both companies. Yahoo has a huge base of customers for both search and it’s portal, which is number 1 in Alexa. As everyone on the internet knows, Microsoft bid $44.6 billion dollars for Yahoo. This is a true reflection how determined Microsoft is to purchase Yahoo.

My take on the merger is a huge upside for Microsoft and for Yahoo, who is losing value by the day. Microsoft will gain much needed gain in both search and advertising revenue. I feel this is the real value for Microsoft’s bid. If it goes through Microsoft will have bought a huge boost in traffic and advertising revenues. This will be a great boost for Microsoft shareholders for years to home.

So, what happens to the open source properties such as Flickr? I don’t think they will be shutdown, but will continue to be run as they are now. I doubt Microsoft has any intentional goals to shut them down. I read on Twitter how people said they would create their own Flickr and because Microsoft would either shut them down or change them. Come on, those properties are not of any value to Microsoft and they will just remain as they are.

The outcome of the proposed merger is a long ways off. Google will have to put in it’s 2 cents, trying to get the merger rejected. I think for only Google is this a bad deal, they are arrogant and don’t respect Microsoft, which will be their downfall. The first thing that needs to happen is Yahoo needs to give it’s nod to the deal and the Security and Exchange Commission needs to approve it. It will take many months if and when Yahoo agrees to the deal. They would be stupid not to, they have nothing in the pipeline and are losing value daily.

I hope the deal is approved and a better Microsoft is the result.

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3 responses to “My thoughts on Microsoft buying Yahoo

  1. You mentioned one of my biggest concerns:

    “…those properties are not of any value to Microsoft and they will just remain as they are.”

    If the deal is successful, how much will Microsoft invest on future innovation of Yahoo sites like Flickr and

  2. If I had to guess, I would have to say they will let the group handling both products as they are today, given a budget, they will get to do as they already do. Both of these platforms are non-Microsoft products, so I doubt MS will devote the dollars just to convert to .NET, which is a waste of money for mature products. MS knows those services have a huge customer base so shutting them down will not make any Yahoo customers happy, so they will leave along and let the people who know how to build and run them, just do their job.

  3. Micro$oft is only “copy/pasting others” companies’ Great ideas.
    Money can’t buy everything (in this case Love & Admiration of Internet users).

    IMO M$ won’t be able to integrate Y! & also that most Y! users will leave as soon as Y! is another M$ product.

    That’s clearly a bad deal!

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