Overview of Latest Leopard Update from Wired

Apple released Leopard update 10.5.2 a couple days ago which is intended to fix many of the common complaints with the operating system.  I ran the update as soon as I had heard it was available and it installed without problem.  I did hear a few people having problems but they seemed like isolated incidents and I am not aware of the details.

Wired Blog Network had an article titled Latest Leopard Update Resolves Common Complaints which highlights some of the major updates and biggest complaints.  I was going to write up something about the updates but since Scott Gilbertson already beat me too it, I figured I would just quote some of the details he gives.

When I ran the update on my MacBook Pro it weighed in a whopping 370MB, bigger than I expected.  The shear size alone should be a good indication at the number of fixes.  The release notes on this update from Apple are worth looking at for details on particular fixes, but the important ones from Wired:

  • AirPort – improves connection reliability and stability
  • Mail – numerous bug fixes and better handling of SMTP servers
  • RAW image support for several new cameras (Canon, Nikon and more)
  • Safari – patches a security flaw that affected only Leopard’s version of Safari 3
  • Third Party Apps – Improves general stability when running third-party applications.

Below are some additional links to some other sources of information on the update.

See Also:

I think this update is big in working toward fixing some of the items people complained about.  I have not had any real issues with Leopard since I installed it but my use is not 100% of my daily computing time.

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