Latest Twhirl release is a great step forward


I have been using Twhirl as my Twitter client of choice on Windows for a few weeks now and am really happy with, especially when Twitter is actually up and running.

Twhirl is based on the Adobe AIR platform and puts a nice rich client on the Twitter experience.  The nice thing is, it also runs in Apple Macs too.

The new release also allows cross-posting updates to Pownce and Jaiku too.   I would like to be able to read updates on Pownce and Jaiku from Twhirl, but we will see if developers respond and give us a client capable of this.  Other features include:

Some of twhirl’s features:

  • runs on both Windows (XP/Vista) and Mac OSX
  • automatically fetches your friends’ status updates, as well as replies and direct messages for you, into an all-in-one timeline
  • color-coding different types of messages
  • connecting to multiple Twitter accounts
  • keyboard shortcuts
  • sys tray / dock icon support
  • visual and audible notifications on new tweets, configurable and with preview
  • view, add and remove favorites
  • shorten long URLs (using
  • automatically checking for twhirl updates
  • changeable color schemes
  • search public tweets (powered by terraminds)
  • NEW: timeline filtering
  • NEW: localization (English, German, Italian, Spanish)
  • NEW: network status indicator
  • NEW: cross-post to Pownce and Jaiku
  • NEW: marks new tweets as unseen

The support has also been very good.  I hope this clients goes a long way.

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