ASP.NET MVC Source Code Now Available – ScottGu’s Blog

As an fan of all things MVC, today’s news of the release of the ASP.NET MVC Source Code was really good news.  I think it shows Microsoft’s continued steps toward being open source. 

Scott Guthrie was the one breaking the news and he has some details on his blog to check out.  The source was released as part of a CodePlex project and can be found as part of the ASP.NET CodePlex project, where the source can be found and downloaded.

Scott Hanselman also has a great post about his thoughts on the ASP.NET MVC source code and goes into some detail in The Weekly Source Code.  It’s really nice to see Scott spend the time pointing us to various areas of the source code.  It’s good stuff and worth the read.

In case you missed one of Scott’s earlier examination of the ASP.NET MVC Source you should also check it out.


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