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Apple’s Time Capsule Cometh


Well, after placing my order on January 20, 2008 my 1 TB Time Capsule has shipped today!

I am very anxious to get this little toy and be able to have Time Machine backup to my Time Capsule without me even thinking about it.  I am planning to take a few pics of the unboxing, not because I really have to but because I have never done one of those lame unboxing posts.



Checking out the new Ruby web framework called Waves


I recently had the pleasure to interview Dan Yoder, the creator of a new Ruby web framework called Waves.  Waves is a MVC framework, like that of Ruby on Rails but takes on some very unique ways of doing things and it piqued my interest.   I missed Waves when I wrote about 10 Alternative Ruby Web Frameworks recently and Dan pinged me to let me know about Waves.

Dan has leveraged existing technology were appropriate, such as:

It’s great to see web frameworks being created for Ruby, a perfect example that the success of Rails continues to drive innovation.

You can read my interview with Dan on InfoQ and checkout the Waves feature list on the Waves web site.


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ZigVersion and RailsPlayground Subversion Hosting Rock

I have a few Ruby on Rails applications I maintain outside of the commercial work I do. These applications are important to me but I have been very bad at keeping them in any source control until today.

I use RailsPlayground with a VPS for my personal hosting and I have been very happy with the hosting and the service in particular. I started looking around for a free or cheap Subversion hosting source and was pleasantly surprised RailsPlayground provides this to their VPS clients.

Pretty decent specs compared to some of the paid-for Subversion hosting plans:

Advanced Subversion and Trac Hosting

In addition to your normal webspace with our hosting plans you will receive a free account on our dedicated SVN and Trac Server with the following features.

* 1 GB Disk Space
* 10 GB Traffic
* Unlimited repositories
* Unlimited users for each repository
* Trac installed automatically via our custom control panel
* Your own Bugzilla instance by request
* Nightly offsite backups
* RAID 1 Data protection
* Secure HTTPS and HTTP access to your svn repositories
* Free with any of our current hosting packages.
* Just send an email to to request access to this service once you have signed up.

I sent an email to support and less than 1/2 hour later I had a new account in their Subversion system and ready to go. I am doing much of my Rails work on a MacBook Pro and Subversion from the command line has not been my favorite way to work. I guess I am used to TortoiseSVN on Windows.

Welcome ZigVersion, a SubVersion client for the Mac from my good buddy Mike Gunderloy over at A Fresh Cup. A quick Twitter chat with Mike and I had the answer I was looking for, a great Subversion client for my Mac. The installation was trivial, as usual on the Mac, and connecting to my SubVersion repository was as well.

I simply added my project files via ZigVersion and checked in…done. The user interface is pretty sharp too.


I am going to use this for my personal projects, since the client is free, but I will also see how well this works over the long-term and may look to buy a license of ZigVersion for commercial work.

I am also looking at using Git since I was lucky enough to score an invite to GitHub but I wanted to get something up fast and I am just get familiar with Git.

The iPhone and iTunes surprise me with a cool feature

itunesI have been using an iPhone for about 5 months now and love the thing, it is the single greatest gadget I have ever bought.  One reason I bought it was to  replace my aging iPod Mini.  I listen to as many podcasts as I can on my commute to client sites but also listen to the same podcasts on my PC when I am working at home.

One feature of iTunes and the iPhone I totally stumbled upon is one of its syncing features;  When I am home listening to a podcast and then take to the road I always sync my iPhone so I have the latest podcasts from my subscriptions.  I get in my car and finish the podcast I was listening to in my home office and viola…it starts in the same place I left off.  How cool is this??   Sure, it’s a small thing but it’s one feature that makes me glad I own an iPhone.  Topping it all off is when I come back home and sync the iPhone again, it updates the spot in the podcast I left off at in my car.   Two-way book marking, very cool indeed.

My old iPod did not do this, but either the iPhone or the latest iTunes has added this great little feature. 

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Interesting reaction to Amazon S3 failure today around the web

I blogged about my thoughts on the Amazon S3 failure today and what it meant to me and cloud computing in general. There was a fair amount of reaction and feedback out on the web and I wanted to share the comments I enjoyed most.

It is interesting how fast the blogs pick up on a failure by someone like Amazon, almost like vultures.  I guess most people look for a ding in the armor of companies with spotless records.

I like the reaction from SmugMug who was not effected by the outage.  I write for InfoQ, who recently switched over to Amazon S3 and EC2 for their video distribution and we were not effected at all.  The configuration we have was implemented in such a way that caching saved us.

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