I am not a technologist totally by accident but close enough to call my blog Accidental Technologist. I started my career as a Chemical Engineer but switched my major on what seemed like a whim. So, here I am a computer scientist.

I am a Systems Architect, Senior Developer and Independent Contractor living in Woodstock, CT. I have been writing software for the better part of 20 years in languages such as BASIC, C/C++, Visual Basic, ASP/ASP.NET and C#. I ran my own company for 10 years but sold the business to move on to other interests.

Today I write commerce-related applications in ASP.NET 2.0 and C# but have expanded my portfolio to include Windows Forms in .NET as well .

I have a couple applications I have written and maintain in Ruby on Rails.  One is over at www.toreadlist.com and is a little site to keep track of what you want to read next, like a book mark for the web but not like Del.icio.us or a bookmark in your browser.  Check it out and see what I mean.

My Ruby and Ruby on Rails work started about a year and half ago.  I have interest in all dynamic languages with Ruby being my favorite.  I maintain the open source project known as Instant Rails project over on RubyForge as well.

I also am a .NET and Ruby editor for a great site, www.infoq.com.  I have been doing work for them since June 2007.

A recent copy of my resume can be found here.

My other interests include backpacking in the White Mountains and flying High Power Rocketry in and around New England.


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  2. What exactly is an Ad Solutions Architect?