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Ruby 1.8.5 One-Click Installer for Windows Released

Curt Hibbs has released the latest in his One-Click installer for Windows. This release includes the newest Ruby, 1.8.5. This is a great way for anyone wanting to run Ruby under windows to get the latest build of Ruby and install it like we expect all of our applications to install under Windows.

Curt is also the person responsible for the great RubyForge project known as InstantRails, which gives Windows developers a complete Ruby on Rails development environment including; Ruby, Ruby on Rails, MySQL and Apache all in one package with little configuration. This is well worth getting if you run Windows and want to run Rails without the hassle of configuration.

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FeedDemon Released

There is an update out to my favorite newsreader, FeedDemon. I have been using 2.0 for a while now and continue to think it’s the best reader out there.

I have used Newsgator, RSSBandit, Sharpreader and someothers, but FeedDemon rocks.

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Ruby 1.8.5 Released

I received the following email from the Ruby list:


We have just released the latest stable version of Ruby.
This is a bug fix release. There should be no big
difference from 1.8.4. We hope 1.8.5 is more stable and
reliable than its preceding versions.

Happy Hacking!


I don’t see the download on the Ruby site but the link to the ftp site works fine. It appears to be some bug fixes but do address some stability issues.

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New Ruby Language site up and running is sporting a new look. If anyone has been a visitor to the old site you will agree it needed an update, now it has it. They have done a good job and let’s hope they keep it up-to-date now.

This site has nice and easy navigation to a very good list of Ruby resources, documentation and of course downloading Ruby itself.

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Digg the Dzone

I came across a really nice web site recently that is much like Digg but for developers, called Dzone.

The site is much like Digg in the way users are the ones who submit links to stories they think others will find useful. Users can then vote on those links to show their support for them.

The one thing I really found useful about the site was their ability to “Tag” stories by topic. This allows the user to click on the tag on the side of the site to drill down on what is important to them.  Below you can see Dzone after I selected Ruby from the available tags on the right.  Very cool.

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Ruby, Ruby Everywhere

On Windows that is…..

I have noticed lately that Ruby and in particular, Ruby on Rails development on Windows has been progressing well. I have been using Ruby on Windows for sometime to learn the language and the Ruby on Rails framework. My development has consisted of using:

  • RadRails – a great Rails development environment developed on top of Eclipse
  • InstantRails – a complete environment for creating Rails applications. The bundle includes, Ruby, Rails, MySQL, Apache and sample applications like Typo the Rails blogging engine.

A couple new Rails development environments I have recently downloaded, installed and now beginning to play with are:

  • RideMe (Ruby IDE Minus Eclipse) – is a new project that is creating a Rails IDE that looks like Visual Studio. You guessed it, these guys are Microsoft developers creating a Rails IDE on Windows. They call themselves Softies on Rails. It does require the Microsoft .NET 2.0 Runtime.
  • Ruby in Steel – a Visual Studio 2005 add-on that gives the VS.NET developer a Ruby environment native to them. I write C# by day and this environment is nice. It does require VS.NET 2005 to run. The web site says not to use for production environment.

A nice utility I wanted to mention is called RubyScript2exe. I create Ruby applications often times that are utilities and not all of my Windows Servers have Ruby on them, this little utility is really nice. It allows you to write some Ruby code and bundle it up with the proper Ruby runtime so you can run Ruby applications without having Ruby installed on your system.

In case you missed it Apple will ship Ruby on Rails in the next release of OSX, 10.5.

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.NET Tools Updates.

I have pointed out in the past various tools I use for .NET development as they are upgraded and such. Instead of individual posts about each tool and filling up everyone’s feed reader unnecessarily, I figured I would just group the new releases all together.  Everyone is releasing upgrades all at once, it takes some effort to keep up-to-date.

CodeRush 2.0 – this is a major update to a great tool from Developer Express.  Coderush adds many nice single key command to insert code for you and cut down on coding time.

GhostDoc 1.9.5 – a great tool for commenting methods in my C# code has been released with a few bug fixes. This tool allows easy customization and is a Visual Studio add-in that just works and takes little memory.

Sourcegear Vault 3.5 – a nice replacement for Microsoft’s SourceSafe.  The tool has a nice integration with Visual Studio and a SQL backend.  The new version has some great new features.

Red Gate Software SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare 5.2 – these tools save my life.  We don’t have much in the way of automated SQL table and store procedure deployment and these tools do the trick for a quick way to get table changes out.

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