InfoQ – Great Source for Developer Information

I recently joined InfoQ, a very good resource for .NET, Java, Ruby and Agile developers.  It’s doesn’t cost anything to join so you have nothing to lose.  Setting up your profile allows you to choose the language or platform you want to see information on, Ruby and Ruby on Rails and .NET in my case.

The site has a wealth of information from so many difference sources.  I find many sites that are a mish-mash of user-entered news is more junk than not.  I find Digg to be a good example of this, but not InfoQ, in my opinion.

Ruby related goodies :

This is just an example from a Ruby perspective.  There are so many good articles and video presentations, InfoQ is worth it to check out.

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3 responses to “InfoQ – Great Source for Developer Information

  1. Thanks Rob, glad to hear you like it. Maybe you’d like to join our community editors and write news for your peers? 🙂

  2. Floyd, sounds like it might be of interest. Email me some details.

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